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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Is the Earth causing an explosion in an earthquake, or vice versa?

Actually this question is posed by the opinion of Western scholars about the Continents drifting that are constantly moving. With this theory they have been aware of any earthquake million times every year on this planet. But they forget that the skin of the Earth has been very strong in fact rigorously very tight, therefore lies the sea water two-thirds of the entire surface as are people not afraid to sail anywhere without feeling the landslide will fall into the bowels of the Earth.
Continental Drift with full description as a theory, first published by Alfred Wegener, meteorological Germany, in 1912. He explained that once approximately 200 million years ago the continent of Pangaea had split, each split into several continents to date and its islands. Unfortunately he did not explain the disintegration of Pangaea , hence the theory is not complete as it is said, but the emotion that caused the alleged shaped by circumstances and experiences that befall. He's just based on the shape of continents that ultimately fit connected, as well as fossils and animals that almost simultaneously on the continents. Until now the Earth's lands are still moving and causing catastrophic earthquakes and death.

There're 1,200 seismograph stations that recorded 500 000 shocks each year on Earth, of which 100,000 can be heard and felt the population, and 1,000 times have been disastrous. Four and five earthquakes around the Pacific force while others are around India, the Mediterranean and Atlantic.
But in I950 there arose a great challenge among geophysicists to continental drift theory on the grounds that the skin of the Earth at the bottom of the ocean has been very loud and strong that it does not allow entry into force of the continents shift. But in 1960, broke again to defend the opinion of Alfred Wegener's theory by arguing that strengthen annotations.
A clear shift in the position of the continents is called continental drift had no compelling reason and logic unacceptable reasonable, because the distance between each of the continents and islands are so far away, some even thousands of miles. Plus the Earth's surface is composed of 2 per 3 oceans rather than land.
Now we return to the question, whether the explosion that caused the earthquake or an earthquake caused an explosion?

The answer is that both are the same, the quake caused the explosion also caused the earthquake itself. The problem is the cause of both. People divide the two kinds of earthquakes, which is caused by tectonic movements of the Earth's strata, and volcanic eruptions caused by the mountain. Tectonic earthquake is just a continuation of the theory of Continental Drift is no good reason, while volcanic earthquake is the result of akfitivas magma within the Earth, up to carrying up to a million times smaller large earthquakes in one year.

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